We Are Committed To Customer Satisfaction.



More than the quantity, we focussed on quality. When we started, our focus was not on gaining the market share but on satisfying the customer and client base that we have got. This has led us to achieve the desired repeat orders and we built on that. We expanded in a graded manner without compromising on the quality but also fulfilling the quantity our clients demand in a time bound manner. The Concept of Filtration has been our sole guiding light. We adhered to this principle, and with Gods' Grace, everything else started to fall in line. Behind this constant endeavour has been the effort of our in-house and dedicated department for quality. It is the Quality Assurance department that looks after the standards of quality in the micro and macro filtration technology segment. We test and retest through our detailed and strict quality parameters before we release our product into the market and open it for our clients. When our technological process is opened to our clients, we are assured that we have achieved the best possible industrial standard quality standards. We have hired highly experienced and well trained technicians and engineers to carry out the quality standards testing.

Rajvi Filters are striving for quality by fulfilling the orders that comply with the highest order of filtration technology industrial standards. Our manufacturing quality standard constantly meets ISO 9001, ASME standards as well as CE-PED standards. We promote the quality not only in our premises but sets the benchmark for our competitors. Due to this, the clients get the best of their value from the diverse choices. We believe the quality is not only maintained through sheer technological expertise but with the right intentions as well to collaborate and compete at the same time.

We at Rajvi filters are in constant touch with academia and other innovators to keep the quality standards of the micro and macro filtration technology at the topmost priority not only for our company but also to the whole air, liquid and gas filtration technology. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are available with us and other testing facilities that we cater to, all of these do meet the highest possible industry standard quality certification. Due to this reason, we have zero record of returned orders due to issues of quality in our niche department of micro and macro filtration technology. Rajvi Filters has been known for its unmatched quality deliverables in a time bound manner and at a very competitive pricing point.

The standard operating procedure in which we deliver excellent quality testing are various fabrication procedure, process or liquid penetrant testing, radiography procedure, non destructive testing, quality hydro testing, surface penetration testing, quality painting as well as packing procedure.

We have been guided by our principles, morals and values that are keeping us afloat ahead of our other competitors in the market space. The quality standard that we have achieved so far has also been an industrial benchmark for decades. But, we have not stopped here. After achieving the quality that is now industrial benchmark, we strive for excellence and ultimate satisfaction of our client base and the loyal customers.