RAJVI FILTERS is one of the leading industrial filters and filtration system manufacturer, designer and supplier. We provides assured filtration solutions to a wide range requirement of & consumers

We filter air, liquid and gas for industrial purposes through innovative micron and macron filtration technology. Our company has received a laudable response for our unmatched technical assistance and innovation in this cutting edge micron and macron filtration technology. Our clients are not only local but are from various industrial international sectors. Few sectors in which we have considerable presence are oil and gas, steel industrial complexes, textile industries, mines and minerals industries, water treatment plant manufacturer, electronics, cement industries etc.

Rajvi Filters strive to provide the best industrial standards. Due to this, we are proud to say that we comply with the highest international quality standards for manufacturing. We adhere to ISO 9001 standards. Other design standards that we fulfil are ASME, BS and DIN. These technological and manufacturing standards are tested through our widespread dealers and distribution networks spanning across major cities not only in India but all over the world. We can boast that our client base includes those companies that are in Fortune 500 companies.

We are trusted by our customers, our employees and our clients. We are grateful that they have put their invaluable faith and trust in our company to achieve what we are today. We strive to meet their rising expectations and refine industrial standards.


15 Year Experience

Rajvi Filters strive to provide the best industrial standards.

Filtration Specialists

We are proud to say that we comply with the highest international quality standards for manufacturing.

Best Materials

ISO 9001: A quality management standard applicable to various industries.

Industry standards

Standards define the minimum acceptable quality levels for products or services, helping to maintain consistency and reliability.

Our Core Value

We strive to meet the rising expectations of our customers and clients across the globe. We have this vision of becoming the top answer to every filtration problem in the world. Our constant effort goes into maintaining the highest industrial quality so that we do not compromise on our morals and values of satisfying our clients across the globe.
With proud!!
Our mission right from the conception of the company has been to lead Rajvi Filters to the path of constant progress. We believe that the growth of Rajvi Filters is reflected in the growth of our employees and every other person associated with us through the adaption of cutting edge technologies.
Business Goal
With COVID surging back and forth, we strive to keep a positive attitude and keep ourselves flexible to not only survive but thrive in these hard times. All of this has been possible because of our teamwork and the innovation that we have been achieving so far. This is our mission to keep meeting the standards of the industry and provide the best possible solutions to our clients through our micro and macro filtration technology.

Creative Team Work

Creative teamwork can be highly rewarding when executed effectively. It can lead to groundbreaking innovations, beautiful works of art, and the successful development of products and solutions that meet the needs of the market.

Professional Repair

"Professional repair" refers to the process of fixing or restoring something by individuals or companies who possess the necessary expertise, skills, and experience in a specific field. This term is used in various contexts, such as home maintenance and improvement, electronics, automotive repair, appliance repair, and more. Here are some key aspects of professional repair:

Great Support Team

A great support team is an essential component of any organization or business, as it plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction, problem resolution, and the overall success of the company. Here are some key characteristics and practices that define a great support team:


We have designed the infrastructure right from the scratch. It has been in-house innovation with international collaboration with experts that have led Rajvi filters to earn the name of being a leader in the micro and macro filtration technology segment. The state of the art infrastructure has been catered to meet all the client's quality and quantity demands in a time-bound manner.

We have expanding infrastructural networks that are supported by expansive and diverse distribution networks. Our in house trained workers understands the ground reality as they have trained locally with a lot of international exposure and experience during the training and working with us. This has led to increased efficiency in the micro and macro filtration technology segment. Our work has been and will be to strive for the best industrial level technology in the field of micro and macro filtration technology.

We adapt to every change in the research field of micro and macro filtration technology and bring the best for our client base. We are proud to say that we have a maximum of repeat customer orders. This only shows our clients' unmatched trust and faith in what we do.




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